Filling in a Pool in Poulsbo

For some all they dream of is having their own backyard pool, but for others, it’s an expensive and unnecessary addition to their outdoor living space.

Whether you’ve purchased a home that came with a pool, or you’re a developer who wants to alter a property you’ve purchased, JT Industrial LLC can help you get rid of this unwanted accessory and free up space for new building or landscaping.

Of course, no one wants to over-spend to fill in an unwanted pool. Because of this, we offer all of our Poulsbo clients competitive rates to make their landscaping decision simpler.

A Simple Process

From start to finish, the JT Industrial LLC team is your full-service pool filling experts. Starting by prepping the site by removing any pool water as well as obstructions such as liners, slides, and ladders, we’ll then move on to demolition.

Using effective excavation equipment such as bobcats and jack hammers, we will remove the pool shell. This could take the entire day depending on the size of your pool and method of installation.

Finally, we’ll fill the pool. As a pool filling service that offers it all, you won’t have to worry about hunting down and carting dirt around Poulsbo yourself—we’ll always do it for you—and haul away any debris when we’re finished!

Need your yard sodded after? We’re also able to set that up for you before we leave.

Swimming pool demolition costs range from $3,500-$7,000 depending on the size, but at JT Industrial LLC, we’ll always find the most affordable options available.

A Dedicated Team

Licensed, bonded, and insured, every member of the JT Industrial LLC team are invested in the work they do. We all believe in the importance of education and are consistently keeping up to date on the latest industry knowledge. If there’s a faster, better way to do something, we’ll know about it. If there’s a new piece of equipment released, we’ll try it out.

Through this dedication, we are able to provide Poulsbo home and business owners with the top-tier service they deserve.

Completed on Time

When you’ve made the decision of filling in an inground pool, we understand the last thing you want is to over-spend, or take too much time on the project.

At JT Industrial LLC, we’ve got our methods down. Your pool will be filled in within five business days, but far more often it will only take three.

Whether it’s a small residential job or large commercial job, we follow the same guidelines for quality as well as professionalism.

Give us a Call Today

Are you ready to fill in your pool and take control of all the landscaping and building opportunities that await in your new wide open green space?

Well, we’re ready to help!

Give us a call today to speak with one of our team members. We’ll set up an on-site meeting and provide you with a free assessment for services, at no obligation to you. We can’t wait to hear from you!