Garden Excavation in Poulsbo

Having an enviable garden is never quite as simple as laying some sod and planting some seeds. To start your garden off right, landscape excavation is often required.

If you want to enlarge your garden, change your landscape, or get your plants growing stronger, it’s time to call JT Industrial LLC.

Professional excavation companies like ours are equipped with the best tools and machinery as well as years of experience to get the job done without error. From leveling to stump removal and all the cleanup that comes with it, you can count on us for full-service excavation in the Poulsbo area.


Have an idea of what you want to do with your yard, but not too sure where to start? Give us a call! We’ll lend our expert advice to any situation to let you know what needs to be done, what could be done, and how much it will all cost.

Ground Leveling

Hills can be beautiful, but not everyone wants them in their yard. Cosmetically, a level lawn will allow you to build patios and clean landscaping. Additionally, level ground ensures stability and can even prevent foundation damage.

Naturally occurring or the job of amateur grading, at JT Industrial LLC we will regrade your yard in preparation for landscaping, pool installation, and more.

Tree Stump Removal

If a tree has to go, the last thing you want is for the stump to be sitting in your yard for years. Especially in the case of large tree stump removal, this is not something to be pursued by someone without experience. Poulsbo homeowners with a stump problem need to call in professional tree removal contractors.

Don’t risk property damage, personal injury, and the cost of a poorly done job. Invest in excavation services. For your tree removal project.

Hedge Removal

Maintaining and cutting back your hedges is one thing, but when you want them gone entirely, excavation landscaping is the direction you need to go in.

We’ll cut back the hedges to stubs, apply herbicide, and dig them up. Of course, we will also remove the dirt and plant matter so you don’t have it sitting around in your yard!

Earthmoving Contractors

Believe it or not, there are a lot of excavating contractors in Poulsbo who will come to your garden, do all the digging, regrading, and landscaping you want, and then leave you with all the cleanup.

At JT Industrial LLC, we are qualified and equipped for landscaping and excavating, and earthmoving.

When you’re calculating your excavation costs, keep in mind that not every company includes hauling in their price, but at JT Industrial LLC we always do!

We Await Your Call

When it comes to garden excavation in Poulsbo, it’s not always easy to find your dream contractors. At JT Industrial LLC, we try our best to be those dream contractors.

With free estimates and competitive pricing, we know what we’re doing and love it as well.

A staple in the local industry for a number of years, we’ve been perfecting gardens for a long time and can’t wait to get started with yours.