Bainbridge Island Excavation Services

Coordinating a construction or renovation project can be complicated. If you’re a project manager or a homeowner working residentially or commercially, finding the best team to accomplish the job on time and within budget is important.

At JT Industrial LLC, we’ve been working as excavating contractors for many years in Bainbridge Island, and have been proud to serve homeowners working on smaller projects, as well as industrial project managers with larger scale builds and demolitions.

From excavation, to demolition, to earthmoving and land clearing, as construction excavators we are capable of doing it all! Using the right equipment for the job, we have access to large machinery as well as smaller excavation tools for residential areas.

When you’re ready to get started, give us a call for a free estimate of services.

Pools and Ponds

Residential or commercial, we have years of experience digging pools for Bainbridge Island home and business owners.

Installing a pool is always exciting. As a homeowner you’ll have your own personal oasis to relax in every summer, and as a commercial client you’ll be providing those in your building with the same enjoyable feature.

From design to completion, we’ll lend our expert opinion to constructing the best pool for your space and installing it seamlessly.


Whether you’re looking to alter an existing garden to enhance plant growth, expand on the space, or create a garden where there was concrete previously, we can help you create the lush natural yard you’re dreaming of.

Through ground leveling, stump removal, hedge removal, as well as earthmoving and cleanup, our skilled team will first assess what needs to be done, and then proceed carefully, creating the optimal space for a thriving garden.

Septic and Sewer

One of the most important aspects of any residential or commercial build is having a functional sewer and utility system. We know the lay of the land so that your system can be connected to mains and meet the highest Bainbridge Island safety standards.

Being up to code won’t just make the city happy, it will ensure that you never have any nasty sewer surprises in the future.


Building the foundation for a strong home or commercial structure often begins with a solid basement. Call JT Industrial LLC, and we won’t just do the digging, we’ll work with the foundation as well as waterproofing to guarantee a safe, sturdy, and functional basement area in any home or business.

We understand that the building process can seem long and tiresome. So, we aim to complete any basement excavation within four weeks to make sure that you can get on to the rest of building construction quickly! 

Call us Today

With years of experience in Bainbridge Island providing excavation, and demolition services, we’ve seen a wide variety of jobs come across our paths, and have always completed them to the highest standard, for our satisfied clients.

Free estimates are just the beginning. At JT Industrial LLC, we really care. Give us a call today and let’s get talking about your excavation needs!